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In the 2014-2015 school year, Bayside Middle School sixth-graders began to attend classes on a new sixth-grade campus. Bayside seventh- and eighth-graders continue to attend classes at the original Bayside Middle School campus.

Where is the Bayside sixth-grade campus located?

The Bayside sixth-grade campus is located at 4722 Jericho Road, the former site of Kemps Landing Magnet School.

Why did you move the sixth grade out of Bayside Middle?

Research and experience have long told us that sixth grade is a time of transition and that this grade typically experiences higher retention and discipline rates. Research also has demonstrated the power of the smaller, more intimate school environment that allows for smaller class sizes and enables teachers and administrators to build stronger relationships with students and their families. This is a model that has worked in the past for the Bayside community. With the consolidation of Kemps Landing Magnet School and Old Donation Center, a building was available to host a sixth-grade campus.

Is the Bayside sixth grade campus its own school?

Yes, for the purpose of accreditation Bayside Sixth-Grade Campus is its own school. While there will be two separate administrations and staff in two separate buildings, the collaboration between the two campuses will be strong and consistent.

What elementary schools feed students into the Bayside sixth-grade campus?

The feeder schools for Bayside Middle and Bayside Sixth-Grade continue to be Williams, Bayside, Luxford and Shelton Park elementary schools.

How does moving the sixth-graders out of Bayside affect the seventh- and eighth-graders?

The Bayside seventh- and eighth-grade campus benefits from increased resources with the move of the sixth grade.

Does my rising sixth-grader still have the same academic courses and honors program available to him/her?

Yes. Our goal is to provide the same rigorous academic courses and programs to your child as they would have at any Virginia Beach middle school, but in a smaller school setting to allow for more focused instruction and tutoring.

Does my rising sixth-grader have the same elective options available to him/her as other middle school students do?

Yes. Electives are offered at the sixth-grade campus.

Does the sixth-grade campus have the same school hours as the Bayside seventh- and eighth- grade campus?

No. In order to accommodate for transportation needs and to provide sixth-graders the opportunity to participate in after-school activities, the school times for the two campuses are slightly different.

Is transportation provided to my rising sixth-grader?

Yes. Those students who live within the busing zone for Bayside Middle will be provided transportation to and from school. Due to different start and end times, the sixth-grade campus does not share buses with the seventh- and eighth-grade campus.

Does the Bayside Sixth-Grade Campus have its own administration? If so, who is principal?

Yes, the sixth-grade campus has its own administration. Sham Bevel is the principal of Bayside Sixth-Grade Campus.

Is my rising sixth-grader able to participate in middle school sports and academic teams?

Yes. All sixth-grade students will be eligible to participate in Bayside Middle sports and academic teams.

Are after-school activities and clubs available for my rising sixth-grader?


Is transportation provided to the Bayside Middle seventh- and eighth-grade campus for athletic practices and club meetings?


Is this an optional program?

No. Students zoned to attend sixth grade at Bayside Middle School are required to attend classes at the sixth-grade campus.

Does the sixth grade campus have PTA representatives?

Yes. We believe parent-school relationships are vital to student achievement and will play an important role in the success of both Bayside campuses.

Did the staff move with the sixth grade?

Bayside Middle School staff were given the opportunity to move to the sixth-grade campus or to request a transfer to another school. The division is also accepting applications from teachers from across the division who are interested in working in this unique sixth-grade campus environment.